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Why us?


Learn about how our products are made

Welcome to China and visit us if you are looking for a professional hair supplier for all your hair needs.

Qingdao Hairunfa Import & Export Co.,ltd has been a professional hair supplier since 80’s last century, which is specialized in luxury human hair production and export. We began from raw material hair collecting and selling, then developed to a manufacturing factory which is customized human cuticle hair for some trade companies. From 2014, we built our own brand VENUS GRACE HAIR by our boss Louis Li.

Since then we began to focus on foreign trade business with our high-quality hair extension products and earned high evaluations from all over the world. Our cuticle hair is natural and healthy. Thanks to our mature technical and consistent high quality, it retains over 90% of our old clients.

How do we choose raw materials?

Directly sourced from south China and India by our boss Louis. Every piece of raw materials was carefully selected by Louis and our material purchasing team. Only select the healthy raw virgin ponytailsfrom young ladies with natural cuticle, protein and moisture, never been dyed or permed!

All raw hairs are donated, sold, or exchanged freely, fairly and ethically. Donors benefit from selling hair as it is a supplementary source of income that does not require any labor.

How To Pick Out 100% Truly Healthy Virgin Ponytails ?

WATCH : if it used to be dyed or permed.
TOUCH: if it touches naturally droopy and not swollen.
FEEL: if it can feel the naturally flexibility and resilience.

Our production technology--gentle-mild production technology

OUR GENTLE-MILD PRODUCTION TECHNOLOGY is an exclusive possession of the technology. All hairs went through a very gentle process with no harsh chemicals to ensure there’s no damage to the hair cuticles and increase the hair longevity.

Bleaching even no harm to our skins.

Abundant stock makes faster production time

OUR STOCKS are full with all colors and lengths bulk hairs. Once clients ordered they will be chosen to made into different products as request. Abundant stock makes faster production time.

We also accept colors customization according to clients’ color ring.

delicately craft work

From raw material collecting to the final packaging step, Venus Grace hair extensions keep our full strength and enthusiastic to make sure our products with 100% perfect. Our delicately craft works will give you the most beautiful purchasing experience.

we provide Packaging services

We provide free charge packaging with Venus Grace logo or blank packaging. We also provide service of designing or printing clients’ logo packaging.

cuticle testing report

VenusGrace hair extensions provides high quality cuticle hair, never use fall-off hair to avoid hair up side down and tangling. We have professional researcher and offer the authority testing report of our hair. You’re also welcomed to ask for the free samples and test it, especially our light colors.

Learn about OUR OWNER

Louis Li, the owner of VENUS GRACE HAIR EXTENSIONS, was born in Heze City, Shandong province, which is one of the most famous city in China as its hair manufacturing function.

His family started hair business from 1980s, specialized in raw material collecting and human hair treating. Being a hair supplier factory to some Chinese trade companies before, our products are widely accepted by clients all over the world. As our productivity increases, Louis created a brand that belongs to him, “Venus Grace”, in 2014.

As the boss of company, Louis will continue to keep the high-quality standard and devote himself to the research and teaching of new products in the future. Based on high standard and strict requirement of Louis, the staff of the "Venus Grace" will always provide high quality products and service for clients.

If you are looking for a friendly and knowledgeable hair extension supplier for all your hair extension needs.

Please give us a call: 86 186 6187 5646 OR Mail us: info@venusgracehair.com

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